Anios Gel 85 NPC

product code: MEDILAB-ANIOSGEL producer: Medilab



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Product description

Alcohol-water gel Anios GEL 85 NPC with thixotropic properties for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection by rubbing. Packaged in an open system - standard bottles and closed - hermetic disposable packaging with a unique, integrated, safe dosing system "STERISOL CLOSED SYSTEM". Effectively prevents the spread of infections. Perfect for people who have to disinfect their hands frequently due to professional reasons.

Perfect for use in health care facilities - hospitals, operating theaters, treatment rooms, dental and surgical rooms, clinics, as well as beauty salons, social care facilities and other areas of the economy where high hygiene standards are required.


  • has a broad biocidal spectrum - fights bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses - inactivates the Polio virus in 30 seconds!;
  • shows immediate and prolonged disinfecting effect;
  • the active ingredient of the preparation is ethyl alcohol, which is characterized by low toxicity;
  • thanks to its thixotropic properties, it is easy to apply and conveniently and thoroughly spreads over the skin surface;
  • hypoallergenic - dermatologically tested, does not contain allergenic and irritating substances;
  • has a reaction similar to the pH of the skin;
  • contains bisabolol - a natural component of chamomile with soothing and irritation-alleviating properties;
  • ideal for people who have to disinfect their hands frequently due to professional reasons.


Technical data

Available packages:

MEDILAB-ANIOS-700 - Aniosgel 85 NPC - 700 ml bag adapted to the Sterisol System dispenser;

MEDILAB-ANIOS - Aniosgel 85 NPC - 500 ml bottle with a pump.