Ankle support with nopped AIR-MATRIX silicone friction pads - MALLEO-HIT SUPREME - SPORLASTIC

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Product description

MALLEO-HIT SUPREME SPOTLASTIC - ankle support with nopped AIR-MATRIX silicone friction pads.

A three-part comfort zone ensures a wrinkle-free fit. The SPORLASTIC AIR-MATRIX silicone pads are anatomically shaped and provide pressure relief and proprioception. The support is made of breathable 3D flat knit with recycled yarn. The QR code in the product packaging gives you access to important therapy exercises.


  • Ankle arthrosis;
  • Chronic capsular ligament instability;
  • Inflammation of the upper ankle / lower ankle;
  • Mild ankle sprain;
  • Post-operative foot & ankle;
  • Rheumatism-related diseases of the foot & ankle;
  • Swelling of the foot & ankle.

Effectiveness / Technology:

  • Beneficial effects on insertion tendinopathies and bursitis typically seen with arthrosis;
  • Friction massage;
  • Improved nutritional situation for cartilage and accelerated absorption of effusions;
  • Optimisation of proprioception;
  • Pain relief through reduced nociceptive afferences;
  • SPORLASTIC AIR-MATRIX silicone pad: perforated, breathable, lightweight, anatomically shaped and napped silicone pad for stimulation and friction massage;
  • Stabilisation, compression and relief of the ankle joint;
  • Breathable 3D flat knit with recycled yarn;
  • Innovative stretch zones for perfect fit even when moving;
  • Three-part comfort zone for a wrinkle-free seat;
  • Very thin, pressure-reduced bandage edge for high wearing comfort.


Technical data

Size18 _ Distal tibia circumference in cm
1 17 - 19
2 19 - 21
3 21 - 23
4 23 - 25
5 25 - 27
6 27 - 29
Can be worn on the right and left.