Anti-decubitus cushion with automatic valve and a cover - model BUBBLE EXPERT

product code: BUBBLE EXPERT producer: Timago


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Product description

Anti-decubitus cushion with automatic valve and a cover - model BUBBLE EXPERT

The product is dedicated to people at risk of developing pressure ulcers, in particular for people staying in a sitting or lying position for a long time.


The BUBBLE EXPERT anti-decubitus cushion with automatic valve is used to relieve the part of the body that is exposed to constant pressure, e.g. during long-term sitting in a wheelchair, which results in pressure ulcers. The use of a pillow is recommended to relieve the coccyx, buttocks and pelvis. Thanks to the use of an automatic valve, the user is able to effortlessly inflate or release air from the pillow to adjust its hardness to your preferences. Pressure on a selected chamber causes an increase in pressure in the adjacent chamber and thus relieves the desired parts of the body.

Benefits of using the pillow:

  • help in maintaining proper blood circulation;
  • reducing the risk of pressure ulcers;
  • improved seating comfort;
  • help in ensuring proper air circulation.

Product advantages:

  • Innovative - thanks to the independent system of chambers forming one air system;
  • Easy to use - self-inflating valve, thanks to which you can easily inflate the pillow and deflate it - just turn the valve;
  • Durability - thanks to the thermal welding technology used, the pillow is durable and does not unseal.
  • Practical - thanks to the cushion being protected by an airy cover made of extremely breathable mesh material and a mesh structure,  equipped with a convenient zipper and additionally equipped with a non-slip bottom. The cover has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry the pillow and Velcro for easy installation of the pillow on the seat, which prevents it from moving.

Set contains:

  • pillow,
  • cover with carrying handle;
  • Velcro fasteners.


Technical data

Maximum capacity: 120 kg

Dimensions: 46 x 38 cm +/- 10 mm when inflated

Height: 4 cm +/- 10 mm when inflated

Pillow weight: 0.65 kg