Auto CPAP for the treatment of sleep apnea with a humidifier - model YH-560 - black colour

product code: YH-560 producer: YUWELL


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Product description

Product characteristics:

  • high efficiency of operation
  • 4 level noise reduction system
  • storage of sleep parameters on SD card
  • innovative FPS system
  • colors available:  black
FPS signifies a function of automatic pressure reduction while user's exhalation. To enable the user comfortable breath, the pressure while exhalation is reduced accordingly.

4 methods of noise reduction:

  • quiet high efficiency brushless DC motor
  • USM: ultra silence air circut system
  • PCM: nosie removal technology
  • 3A audio self-adaptive technology


Technical data

Display LCD
Treatment mode Auto CPAP
Pressure range 4 - 20 hPA
Measurement accuracy +/-0.5 hPA
Power supply 100-240V,50-60Hz DC 24V
Dimensions 270×135×100mm
Weight 1.56 kg (including heated air humidifier)
Working pressure 4-20 cm H2O/hPa (possible adjustment of the increase or decrease every 0.5 cm H2O/hPa for each scale segment)
Pressure increase delay (min) 0-45 min (adjustable, increase/decrease 5 min  for each scale segment)
Maximum compensation of air flow  0-130 l/min, acceptable tolerance: +/-5 l/min