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Timago International Group apart from the development of its own brands also cooperates with Polish and international companies of the established position on the domestic and international markets in the scope of distribution of medical, dentistry and rehabilitation products. Among our trusted partners the following companies can be listed:


Zarys International Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. - was founded in 1989. From the very beginning of its existence the company`s mission was to create the complex trade offer for healthcare institutions. This aim has been executed through establishing business relations with leading manufacturers of medical devices in Poland and distributing their products. The wide range of products include both: basic medical disposable devices as well as highly specialist products which are unique solutions in their fields.


- is a company established in 1998 and since then is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers. Factories are equipped with advanced production lines from Germany, USA and Japan. Yuwell's main products include: oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, suction apparatus, finger-tip pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors and air-purifiers - manufactured in 36 versions and 225 specifications. As a public company, Yuwell has huge potential and is always devoted to human health. 



Thomashilfen – is one of the best known German companies with over 60 years of experience and specializing in innovative solutions in the rehabilitation field.  Thomashilfen achieves maximum professional performance and interdisciplinary developments through the integration of the internal network of the THOMAS-Group and an external network of experts. Intensive exchange with medical practitioners, representatives of funding agencies, nursing specialists, specialized dealers, self-help groups, and caring relatives ensure a constant advancement of existing know how. At present, the company is an indisputable expert in the field of seating, lying, positioning, but above all - movement and mobility equipment. 

Hermann Bock GmbH – the company acquired its reputation through 90 years of experience as a manufacturer with the latest research solutions, science and practice. Its healthcare products equally meet patients‘ needs for maximum comfort and dignified living. The highest safety standards and first-class functionality have proved themselves in professional healthcare, day after day, since years. Its future efforts in co-operation with experts in rehabilitation and furniture sectors will help to develop new healthcare products and enhance existing ones, and thus continue to provide optimum support for quality of life.


Medicare System – is a Spanish company established in 1994. Its main activity involves manufacturing of innovative standstill systems. Through implementing its own production technology as well as usage of innovative machinery, the company successfully can manufacture wide variety of products, and at the same time, constantly search for patient friendly solutions. 

HMS-VILGO - is a French manufacturing company established at the beginning of the last centrury. The company specializes in manufacturing medical beds and technical supports for home and organizations. All products made by HMS-VILGO meet the most exacting standards of the European Community and are delivered with CE type examination cetrificate. 


Polydentia – the company was founded in 1976 thanks to the creative intuition and entrepreneurial spirit of Alfred Schaffner. From the beginning Polydentia concentrated on research and development of splinting materials, matrices, matrix-systems and all accessories that are an absolute necessity for any accurate filling technique today. Its vision aims at proposing high quality, swiss made, innovative, ergonomic and ecologic products at fair prices.

Cavex – is a Dutch company with over 100 years of experience in the field of manufacturing of dentistry products. Cavex Holland has produced dental materials that meet the most demanding expectations when it comes to quality and reliability. It is an experts in developing and producing first class dental alginates. 

AT&M – is a company established in 1986 and specializing in manufacturing of high quality biomedical materials. The company is a part of a corporation aiming at providing its clients with innovative solutions in various fields of industry. AT&M has made a huge effort to participate in research and development of key materials for many branches of industry, including medicine. The company is proud to call itself a leader in manufacturing of amalgam exported to over 40 countries all around the world. 


4A Medical – has established business life since 1997 with produced sterilization reels. 4A Medical's products have been manufactured with composition of high engineering, productive workmanship and best raw materials. 4A Medical's product portfolio which started with sterilization reels added new products like Sterilization Pouch and more. It is certain that with its innovative structure and dynamic company identification 4A Medical continues to work with a huge success.  

E-line -  is a top Italian company that manufactures packaging for Medical Devices. It was founded in 2002 to satisfy every requirement demanded by the market and its purpose is the production of articles that guarantee safety, respecting scrupulously all the regulation in force. Engaged in the search of high quality raw materials, E.line has confirmed its growth obtaining the best international and European suppliers. Its products were certificated by an internationally recognized Certificated Body (CERMET).

Mascia Brunelli
– is an Italian company with over 60 years of experience, established in 1948. It specializes in manufacturing of re-absorbable gelatin sponge with a powerful haemostatic effect: the porous surface of the gelatin induces the rapid rupture of the blood platelets with the consequent activation of the enzymatic cascade, which leads to natural coagulation. The products are successfully used not only in dentistry but also in surgery. Its products can are characterized by top quality and attention to detail. 

NISSIN – is a Japanese company established in 1948 and specializing at manufacturing of  dental study models. Nissin has a strong presence in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, China and Southeast Asian markets. For over 60 years our products have received passionate support from a wide audience of doctors, professors, hygienists, dental assistants and students from all corners of the globe.
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