Hydrogel dressing, sterile AQUA GEL - ZARYS

product code: ZARYS producer: Timago


Medical device Medical device
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Innovative Innovative
Moisture resistant Moisture resistant

Product description

Hydrogel dressing, sterile AQUA - GEL - ZARYS


  • dressing wounds that require a moist environment, such as: burn wounds, ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, skin graft sites, abrasions and other wounds.


  • hydrogel dressing in the form of a transparent, flexible sheet 4 mm thick;
  • an aqueous composition of natural and synthetic polymers (polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol and agar) subjected to ionizing radiation is an effective barrier against external infections, however, it is permeable to oxygen and drugs, ensures proper heat transfer and moisture balance;
  • enables a painless change of the dressing that does not stick to the wound and does not cause secondary tissue damage during removal;
  • prevents the formation of hypertrophic scars;
  • flexible, soft, but strong enough at the same time, so that it can be used to cover body surfaces that are difficult to actuate, e.g. joints, hands, face etc .;
  • transparent, which allows you to control the course of treatment without removing it;
  • use dressings of a size corresponding to the size of the wound;
  • hypoallergenic.


Technical data

Sizes: 5.5cm x 11cm (ellipse), 10cm x 12cm, 12cm x 12cm,

12cm x 24cm, 22cm x 28cm, 20cm x 20cm, 20cm x 40cm,

25cm x 25cm (face), 40cm x 60cm (face) - the size of the dressing should correspond to the size of the wound.