Inhalation oxygen - concentration of 99.5% + oxygen mask - mint flavor - 14L

product code: FTL1 producer: FokusMed


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Product description

Inhalation oxygen - how does it work?

It revives the mind and body, replenishes oxygen deficiencies caused by physical exertion, fatigue, heights, physical and mental stress, smog or disease. In addition, it reduces the unpleasant feeling after drinking alcohol and improves concentration.

Who should use Inhalation oxygen?

First of all, people whose blood oxygen content drops below 94% - it is best to use a pulseoximeter. Product for recreational use. It is not a medical product.

Directions for use:

1. Remove the lid from the top of the bottle.

2. Flip the lid and put it on the dispense valve.

3. Place the mask centrally on your face, tightly covering the mouth.

4. Slowly press down on the nozzle while inhaling at intervals of 1-2 seconds.

5. After completing oxygen therapy, remove the mask from the valve and desinfect it. 


· Store at a temperature not exceeding 40˚C, do not expose to sunlight. Keep away from flammable materials and clothing.

· Contains gas under pressure, keep away from fire. Protect valves and connections from oily products.

· Keep away from children.

· Not suitable for refilling.

· Do not use while smoking. In the event of a fire, stop the leak safely and with the necessary precautions.


Technical data

Model: FTL1

Size: 65 x 370 mm

Capacity: 1L

Gas volume: 14L

Max pressure: 12bar

Content: 99.5% oxygen, 05% atmospheric air, natural aroma - MINT