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Privacy policy

This privacy policy aims at providing information about the way in which all data is collected. Additionally, it has been created to protect the data of our clients and users of the portal. The privacy policy is a document constituting the integral part of regulations placed under the domain and under conditions of the portal. Everyone using the service is declaring that they got acquainted with its content and are accepting its entire content.
1. Data administrator
1.1.  The data administrator is Timago International Group Spółka z o.o. i Spółka – Spółka komandytowa based in Bielsko-Biała, ul. Karpacka 24/12, 43-316 Bielsko-Biała, Poland.
1.2.  The administrator hereby declares that the aim of this privacy policy is to guarantee protection of privacy of its users.
2. Protection of collected data
2.1.  The administator does not require registration from the users of the service.
2.2.  Usage of this service as a customer requires prior registration described in section 4 governing the functioning of this service and consisting in correct filling of the registration form. The data provided in the registration form, agreement for its storage and processing as well as the acceptance of the conditions is mandatory. The data from the registration form is accumulated and kept by the administrator and secured. 
2.3.  Additionally the administrator has the right to collect and process any data from the following sections: service and client's panel. The data could be: IP address, type of a search engine used, number of visits, unique users, the time of using the service and the statistics of downloaded files. The administrator is allowed to use this data for statistics purposes. 
3. Cookie files policy
3.1.  The administrator uses cookie files mechanisms which are small text files containing computer data collected in the user's portal. They serve purposes connected with functioning of the service websites. The files usually contain: the name of the web they come from, storage time and a unique number.  
3.2.  The files are used for:
  • statistical purposes, allowing data collection on purposes for which the user uses the website, which later allows to improve its structuure and content, 
  • optimisation purposes by adjusting the website ti its users,
  • maintaing purposes to hold user's session during the usage of this service. 
3.3. Within the portal two kinds of cookie files are used:
  • session which are temporary files abiding at user's device until the users logs out from the website or turning off the search engine,
  • permanent which abide on user's device for a specified period of time furthermore described in parameters of the ookie file or until manually delited from user's device.  

3.4. Software used to browse websites allows storage of the cookie files on the user's device by default. The storage of the cookie files can be modified at any time by adjusting the settings in the web browser, in particular by blocking the automatic service of the cookie files or by informing the user's about their presence every time. Detailed information regarding cookie files are available in software settings. Limitation of using of the application of the cookie files may influence some functions of the portal.  

4. Communication tools

4.1.  The administrator declares that in accordance with the rules governing the usage of the portal is allowed to send messages or commercial leaflets via e-mail to the user's whose e-mail address has been registered.

4.2.  Every user and client of the portal is allowed to resign from participation in the portal. The rules governing the above described procedure are stated in part 3 section 10 of the Conditions. 

5. Data usage and responsibility

5.1.  Data mentioned in part 2 of Privacy Policy is gathered, storaged and processed only for the purpose stated in the Conditions section. 
5.2.  Data mentioned in part 2 of Privacy Policy is not available for any other third parties. 
5.3.  An exception from the rule stated in part 5.2 of Privacy Policy is a situation when the administrator is addressed by the court, prosecutor or other law enforcement agency with a request to make the data available. 
5.4.  The owner of the service makes available the data which are stated in part 2 of Privacy Policy, and in case of violating of the terms by either the user or the client of the service, in particular in terms of violating its terms and conditions, which regard the content or materials placed on the portal or copyrights regarding these files. Then the data is made available to law enforcement agencies. 



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