Portable air sterilizer Sayoli 30 and Sayoli 60

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Product description



The technology of ultraviolet disinfection of air and surfaces is based on the bactericidal effect of UV radiation. From the entire UV range, the most effective bacterial and virucidal activity is demonstrated by UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 250-280 nm. It destroys all bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi. This type of radiation changes the structure of cytoplasmic proteins and nucleic acids, which in turn changes the structure of DNA in the microorganism. The resulting change leads to a chemical reaction that destroys the harmful pathogen.

Inside the sterilizer there is a UV-C lamp with a wavelength of 250-280 nm, which has the most effective bactericidal effect.

The air is sucked in by the fan from below and then goes to the pathogen inactivation zone. Inside, it is exposed to concentrated UV-C radiation, as a result of which microbes are immediately destroyed. Then the air with inactive viruses leaves the device through the top vents. The sterilizer is controlled by electronic components.

Air movement is forced thanks to the use of a fan for continuous operation, characterized by a low noise level - only 20-33 dB.

Within one hour, it sterilizes the air within 2-3 meters.

The UV-C sterilizer does not produce ozone, so you can stay near the device without restrictions!


Technical data


Sayoli 30 – 80mm x 260mm
Sayoli 60 – 100mm x 290mm


Sayoli 30 – 0.5 kg
Sayoli 60 – 1.5 kg


Sayoli 30 – up to 30 m3/h (approx. 12 m2/h)
Sayoli 60 – up to 60 m3/h (approx. 25 m2/h)

Energy consumption

Sayoli 30 – 5 W
Sayoli 60 – 7 W

Lamp lifetime

6000 h

Noise level

Sayoli 30 – 20dB
Sayoli 60 – 33dB

Power source

USB-C cable + 230V wall plug

Sterilizer type

air flow



Made in EU

Certificated CE

Production No

Sayoli 30 – EAN 5903686843518 SKU UV-00004
Sayoli 60 – EAN 5903686843525 SKU UV-00003