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Air purification is not only one of the best methods to fight with allergens but it is also a way to eliminate other factors harmful to health which occur in the polluted air such as fumes, viruses, fungi, nicotine smoke. 

Air purifier sucks polluted air which is later returned to the room after multi-stage air filtration process. The device puts gently the air in continuous motion catching the motes whih are hovering in the air.

Air purifier supports the treatment of:

  • runny nose (chronic, allergic)
  • cough
  • dyspnea and eyes tearing
  • relapsing colds and respiratory system diseases
Advantages of air purification:

  • elimination of allergens and substances which intensify their action
  • cleaning the air from dust, mites, mould and fungi
  • removal of toxins after use of chemicals and detergents
  • removal of unpleasant smell
  • improve of air quality

Product characteristics:

  • multi-stage air filtration process
  • equipped with bactericidal UV lamp
  • modern design

Technical data:

Purification rate of:  
formaldehyde 86.9%
benzene 91.8%
VOC 90.7%
pathogenic bacteria 99.9%
Sterilization rate 99.84%
Maximum air flow 280 m3/h
Operation noise 60dB
Applicable area 40m2
Power supply 220V,50Hz
Power 85W
Dimension 650×400×230mm
Weight 13kg
Color silver
Product code: YS-300