Rehabilitation stroller with nervous stimulation function - TWIST

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Product description

The TWIST EASyS stroller consists of a chassis and a special seat that meets the requirements for hip, knee and foot adjustment. The chassis  is equipped with  solid rear wheels and front wheels which can be either  set as swivel wheels or locked in the front position.

The stroller meets the ergonomic requirements: it is manoeuvrable, lightweight and easy to fold. A unique and unusual solution not applied in the strollers so far is the use of the seat not only as a support component but also as having an impact on the development of child’s nervous system. It is possible owing to spring elements made of  PVCand glass fibre fixed on the spine-shape column.

These elements influence the child’s perception creating unusual comfort of support. In addition, the spring elements owing to the possibility of coronal and horizontal plane adjustment, as well as the adjustment of the springs hardness, affect the equalization of muscle tension on the back, the so-called muscular corset, which is often disturbed (unequal) in the spine defects, e.g. scoliosis. The seat does not restrict the child, ensures free movements, guarantees stability owing to pelvic stabilization and impacts on child’s development. It creates excellent conditions for the child in doing arm and hand exercises as indicated. The TWIST EASyS stroller is a new chapter in child rehabilitation.


Product characteristics:

  • light aluminium chassis
  • swivel front wheels with swivel lock
  • EASyS Click Fix system for easy seat removal
  • Precise adjustment in the area of trunk, hips, knees and feet
  • front and rear facing seat arrangement
  • easy adjustment
  • central shock absorption system
  • Balance Safety System BSS®
  • resistance to tilting
  • child’s sensory stimulation
  • possibility of correcting the defect of child’s posture
  • possibility of balancing muscular tension
  • elastic pads not restricting movements
  • child friendly fabrics
  • available in two sizes: TWIST EASyS 1 and TWIST EASyS 2
  • available in two colours: red-grey and blue-grey
  • gas back rest adjustment







Seat - red



Seat - blue



Chassis: swivel front wheels with swivel lock



*Standard headrest (red/blue)





* 2-point pelvic belt

standard – 8420

standard – 8470

Chassis on order

Chassis: big front wheels, non-swivel



Chassis: with transport system



Chassis for indoor use, with gas adjustment, min. height 25 cm



Chassis for indoor use, without gas adjustment



Technical data

Parameters stroller with seat size TWIST 1


Seat depth: 19 – 30 cm

Seat width: 19 – 31 cm

Back rest height: 40 – 68 cm

Lower leg length adjustment 17 – 30 cm

Leg rest dimensions: 28.5 x 18 cm

Adjustment of hip angle: 90° – 138°

Adjustment of knee angle: 90° – 180°

Adjustment of ankle angle: 78° – 100°

Stroller dimensions (W x H x D): 59 x 104 x 100 cm

Folded dimensions: 59 x 50 x 88 cm

Max load: 35 kg

Seat weight: 8.4 kg

Stroller weight (chassis + seat): 16.6 kg


Parameters stroller with seat size TWIST 2


Seat depth: 27 – 38 cm

Seat width: 25 – 36 cm

Back rest height: 64 – 78 cm

Lower leg length adjustment 25 – 36 cm

Leg rest dimensions: 33 x 21 cm

Adjustment of hip angle: 90° – 148°

Adjustment of knee angle: 90° – 180°

Adjustment of ankle angle: 78° – 100°

Stroller dimensions (W x H x D): 69.5 x 111 x 111 cm

Folded dimensions: 69.5 x 52 x 99 cm

Maximum load: 40 kg

Seat weight: 9.9 kg

Stroller weight (chassis + seat): 19.1 kg