Sayoli-200 Air Purifier with UV-C and true HEPA filter

product code: Sayoli200 producer: Sayoli


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Product description

  • ★ 3-in-1 AIR PURIFICATION - Pet Filter, HEPA -High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Eliminates 99% bacteries, Adsorption filter
  • ★ Silent - 14.9 dB makes it perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms and offices
  • ★ UV-C Lamp is a hearth of product, high efficient brand UV-C lamp rays killes bacteria,viruses and provide a healthier environment for your body.
  • ★ 360 Air Flow Tower - cleans and filters air in every direction. You don't have to choose best place for device it is four sides open. It can be even be wall-mounted.
  • ★ Efficient even for large spaces, can clean 200 qubic meters per hour which is enough for 80 squer meter room.


Technical data

  • Filtration Method - Adsorption, Mechanical filtration, UV-C sterilisation
  • Filter Type - Four-layered filter: PET primary filter, Antibacterial filter, High-efficiency particulate air filter, HEPA Adsorption filter with activated carbon
  • Retention - 100% coarse particles, 99,99% particles down to 2.5μm, 99,3% particles down to 0.3μm, 91% formaldehyde and other harmful substances, 99,99% bacteria and viruses
  • Lamp type - UV-C low pressure discharge lamp
  • Dimensions - Height 504mm, Width 250mm, Depth 253mm
  • Lamp Lifetime - 9000h
  • Filtration efficiency - 200 m3/h
  • Noise Level - 14.9dB
  • Energy Consumption - 16W