Triangular sling

product code: ZARYS producer: Zarys


Medical device Medical device
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Product description

Cotton triangular sling is designed to support a limb after an injury or surgery. It can be used during first aid, temporarily immobilizing a limb in the event of a dislocation or fracture. It relieves the limb and supports the wound dressing.

Product features:

- a triangle-shaped slingmade of non-woven, viscose or cotton
- thin, light and flexible - comfortable for the patient
- it is used for short-term immobilization and relief of the upper limb
- hypoallergenic
- color: white


Technical data

Triangular cotton sling: 1 piece

Size: 96 cm x 96 cm x 136 cm

Contraindications and precautions:

Do not use directly on wounds.
Protect from direct moisture and sunlight.