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Product description

It´s time for a new category of nursing care beds.

With the floorline 15I80, bock, as a quality-oriented nursing care bed specialist, is opening up its own category of well thought-out low and ultra-low beds, which have been developed directly from practical findings. Specific nursing care bed related requirements of both, residents and caregivers have been The floorline 15|80.

A new benchmark for nursing care beds taken into account. Care beds to be lowered and raised as far as possible: With this combination, the bock floorline sets new standards in terms of prophylaxis against the consequences of falls and facilitation of work in everyday care. Pioneer of this new category: the bock floorline 15I80.

The bock floorline 15I80 reduces the height of low beds for institutional care by 40 % from 25 cm to 15 cm and thus consis tently pursues the approach of reducing measures that deprive patients of their freedom (customary in the industry is a standard height of 25 cm or even 40 cm). For residents, this means extremely effective prophylaxis of the consequences of falls: the fall velocity from a height of 25 cm is almost 30 %* higher than at a height of 15 cm, and the impact force is as much as 67 % higher *.

More self-determination.
Measures that deprive residents of their freedom are no longer necessary. Residents experience more self-determination and significant psychological relief. At the same time, mobility is supported. Falls and serious consequences of falls are significantly mitigated by the lower fall height. Caregivers can take immediate preventive action for residents at risk of falling. Reducing the consequences of falls ties up fewer resources and significantly simplifies both everyday care and interaction at the care bed. Care home operators can document in their documentation system, effectively a prophylaxis for minimising severe consequences of falls and present it if required (MDK/home supervision).
* Source: Study by Dr. George Zaphir, Australia Dr. George Zaphir (2014). Studie: Lowest Heights of Floor Level Beds: Fall Velocity and Impact Force Analysis and Resulting Injuries.

The bock floorline 15I80 can be raised to 80 cm.

With this working height, the everyday care operationsat the bed are simplified, the nursing staff can work in a back-friendly and kinaesthetic manner and is greatly physically relieved. On the way from the maximum
height of 80 cm to the lowest height of 15 cm, the floorline 15I80 makes two further stops.

80 cm care and working height: relief for caregivers

Stop no. 1: an exit stop at 37.5 cm for a particularly safe and comfortable exit of the bed.

Stop no. 2: a safety stop at 25 cm to prevent crushing.

The proven bock double scissor lift system ensures optimum stability at every height. The care and working height of 80 cm supports a backfriendly and kinaesthetic working.

A care bed that wants to set standards must take the care process into account, down to the smallest detail. This means providing caregivers with the best possible support for every action. The floorline 15I80 therefore convinces with optimal handling. Three large double castors per side (2 x Ø 100 and 1 x Ø 75 mm ).

Innovative castor concept:
- easy and safe to manoeuvre: with locking and directional giving device on both sides allow smooth straight running and safe locking;

- with its narrow outer dimensions, the bed is extremely manoeuvrable - even in small rooms. The floorline 15|80 can be moved at any height. The result: more safety and time saving in everyday care.

With its lying surface, the floorline 15I80 fulfils a clearly defined quality requirement for institutional care: comfortable and ergonomically optimised lying comfort. The 4-section lying surface offers an ergonomic backrest with a length of 86 cm and a mattress compensation, both ensure a comfortable and physiologically sensible sitting position and reduce pressure peaks.

A variety of sitting and lying positions as well as the different lying surface systems offer more individual lying comfort. Integrated, tool-free bed and side rail extensions for easy and quick adjustment to the resident’s body size.

Extremely stable head bar, also suitable for intensive use.

Various adjustment possibilities such as Trendelenburg, Anti-Trendelenburg and comfort
sitting position can be selected with one button.

Benefit from more cost transparency:

The bock floorline 15I80 offers a comprehensive standard equipment. With the integrated, tool-free bed and side rail extension, caregivers can quickly adjust the bed length to different resident profiles and care situations.

The floorline 15|80 is equipped as a standard with large castors and directional giving device on both sides, a wide range of adjustment options and comfortable lying surfaces.


For operators of nursing care homes:

  • long-term and secure investment with a wide range of applications;
  • increased competitiveness thanks to a future-oriented;
  • nursing care bed concept;
  • documented prophylaxis against the consequences of falls based on the used documentation system reduced efforts in care at the bed;
  • relief of the staff.

For caregivers:

  • physical relief through back-friendly, kinaesthetic working at an ideal height;
  • psychological relief due to the reduction of restraining measures;
  • more time for care thanks to the extensive standard equipment;
  • tool-free, integrated bed and side rail extension for quick and individual adjustment to the resident‘s body size;
  • various lying surface settings as a mobilisation aid.

For residents:

  • no restriction of freedom;
  • increased self-determination;
  • safe, dignified sleeping in bed;
  • significantly reduced risk of falling injuries with the lowest height of 15 cm;
  • more comfortable, ergonomic lying;
  • activation and maintenance of mobility.


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