Ultrasonic nebulizer

product code: 402AI producer: YUWELL


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Product description

The 402AI ultrasonic nebulizer is a product that is used to spray liquid drugs into the finest particles, which facilitates their absorption by the patients' lungs. It is widely used in hospital departments of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and dermatology, and nursing homes.

Particularly useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

For the convenience of the user the nebulizer is equipped with a water level alarm.


Technical data

Power supply AC 220V+/-10%, 50Hz+/-1Hz
Input power ≤50 VA
Ultrasonic ferquency 1.7 MHz +/- 10%
Maximum nebulizing rate ≥3 ml/min
Operation noise < 50 db
Dimensions 247 x 140 x 201 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Timing range 60 min
Continuous loading time ≥4 h
Max medication capacity for small cup  150 ml
Max medication capacity for big cup 350 ml