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Aluminium Wheelchair
The wheelchair is made of reinforced aluminium frame. It has a durable and comfortable nylon seat equipped with a cushion. Armrests are foldable and removable, produced in a profi led version with truncated edge. The wheelchair is equipped with quick release wheels, foldable backrest and anti-tipping wheels.
SK-AIR Anti-decubitus seat cushion
The Rolko-AIRpad offers a stable sitting comfort in a wheelchair and other seating possibilities. It prevents soreness and promotes the healing of slightly decubitus. Other seat cushions can be replaced by the Rolko-AIRpad.

By the combination of visco-elastic foam and an adaptive air bag a pressure relieve is given for a soft positioning. The air pad can be used prophylactic and for decubitus therapy up to stage I of EPUAP. For every users body shape the cushion can be adapted individually by adjusting the air volume of the air bag. Thereby, users weight is comprehensive spread on the total seating area. This reduces the punctual pressure on sensitive skin.