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Anatomical cervical collar with reinforcement - CERVI-HIT - SPORLASTIC

product code: 02716 - 02718 producer: Sporlastic


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Medical device Medical device
CE certificate CE certificate
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Product description

Anatomical cervical collar with reinforcement - CERVI-HIT - SPORLASTIC - for day and night use. With air-permeable reinforcing inlay.


  • Acute or chronic cervical pain syndrome;
  • Cervico-brachial syndrome;
  • Conservative / post-operative spine;
  • Following cervical disc operations;
  • Following torticollis operations;
  • Neck sprains (whiplash injuries);
  • Post-operative relief;
  • Rheumatological conditions of the cervical spine;
  • Vertigo.

Effectiveness / Technology:

  • Relaxation of the neck muscles thanks to warming effect;
  • Support function with relief of the cervical spine;
  • Air-permeable reinforcing inlay
  • Anatomical fit;
  • Larynx cut-out.


Technical data


Height of the cervical collar

Product code

7,5 cm


9,0 cm


11,0 cm 


Length of the brace: 56 cm

Colour: black with blue elements