Sterisol Liquid Soap - for frequent surgical and hygienic washing of hands and body

product code: Sterisol Liquid producer: Medilab


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Product description

Liquid soap for frequent surgical and hygienic washing of hands and body.


  • produced under aseptic conditions
  • a special valve guarantees the microbiological purity of the product throughout its lifetime
  • the use of a valve made it possible to create a product that does not contain bacteriostatic substances and preservatives, which are often the cause of allergies and skin irritations
  • does not contain dyes
  • delicate, it is recommended even for people with very sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • recommended for washing newborns
  • contains substances that care for the skin
  • after washing, the skin is smooth and elastic
  • foams very well and removes impurities
  • has a pleasant, delicate fragrance
  • dosed with an aesthetic and easy-to-use dispenser with an ergonomic dosing arm
  • it is efficient - the valve doses the optimal amount of the product and prevents it from leaking


Technical data

Available capacity: 700 ml