EPIDYN KIDS - Elbow support with nopped silicone pads - SPORLASTIC

product code: 87237 producer: Sporlastic


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Product description

Elbow support with nopped silicone pads for compression and friction.


  • Arthrosis of the elbow joint;
  • Conservative / post-operative elbow;
  • Elbow ligament laxity;
  • Elbow sprains;
  • Inflammatory states following surgery, fractures, rheumatic elbow effusions;
  • Rheumatism of the elbow.


  • Accelerated reabsorption of effusions through hyperaemia;
  • Friction massage;
  • Improved nutritional situation for cartilage;
  • Pain relief;
  • Relief and stabilisation of the elbow joint through compression;
  • Optimised fit thanks to special knitting technique.


Technical data

Colour: platinum

Circumference 5 cm below the elbow

 Measured at the widest point of the forearm

 18 – 20 cm  childrem