The Allrounder Car Seat for children with special needs - MAJOR - 9-36 kg

product code: MAJOR producer: Thomashilfen


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Product description

If you are looking for a rehab car seat for all-round use in everyday family life, the Thomashilfen Major is the right choice. The modular all-rounder is equipped for all the requirements of standard fittings and offers the most important adjustment options.

With lots of accessories, the seat can be individually adjusted so that it fits perfectly for short and long everyday journeys. Good to know: Major has been tested and approved with complete rehab accessories. This ensures maximum safety for children.

 Why should I choode the THOMASHILFEN Major?

The unique, modular combination of SWIVEL BASE and TILTING BASE can be supplemented with a variety of accessories as required.

For easy handling, the release For easy handling, the releaselever (draw latch) on theswivel base is easy to reach.It can be mounted either onthe left or right front of theswivel base.


> Swivel base cannot be used in car seat group I (9 - 18 kg)

 > modular multi-talent for all requirements of standard supplies

>  for all-round use in everyday family life with the most important functions and features

>  headrest 7-fold height adjustable

> sit comfortably on short and long journeys - in the padded 5-point harness and breathable seat cushion

> extensive rehab accessories for the best possible support on the road

> optional use of modular function plates with rotation and/or tilt function and further accessories

> incl. Seatfix as additional equipment

>ECE Group I-III & GMFCS Level III-V

An adapter plate is ALWAYS required to use the accessories.

How easy it is to adjust it in the car?

Adjusting the car seat in the car

Technical data

Seat depth 32 cm
Seat width, front 31,5 cm (21,5 cm)
Seat width, back 26 cm (19 cm)
Back height (seat) 62-74 cm
Shoulder height (belt guide) 25,5 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 42 cm
Seat tilt-in-space (rear-facing)
5,5° / 11° / 16°
Overall dimensions (w x h x d) 56 x 71 x 40 cm
Weight of seat ca. 6 kg /
max. user weight 9 - 36 kg