Tubular slide sheet for bed

product code: TTE 6100 - TTE6122 producer: Medicare System


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Product description

The Mobi-tools sliding tubular translide are a useful aid to carry out tasks of repositioning patients in bed and as complements for performing transfers. Special features of the tissue in which they are made, give it super-slippery attributes and helps caregivers to perform their jobs with greater comfort and safety, preventing strain injuries due to low friction.

Properties and application:

- the sliding tubular transslide is the simplest and most economical solution in technical assistance in moving, moving and repositioning the patient in bed;

- the translide is so thin that you can put your hand around it after wrinkling;

- at the same time, the material is durable, very resistant to tearing and stretching;

- with the help of easy sliding, you can move and turn a heavy and inertly lying person without much effort;

- you can rotate the patient from the supine position to the prone position (or vice versa);

- the mechanical resistance of the transslide makes it possible to use it as a carrier that allows moving patients between beds;

- it is an indispensable product that facilitates the care of patients by medical staff in a hospital or by caregivers at home;

- easy sliding protects the caregiver against strains, muscle strains and other injuries caused by frequent exposure to heavy physical effort while caring for the patient;

- to achieve multidirectional operation, it is recommended to use two slides at the same time, for this purpose you can use their different sizes or fold the largest one.

The transslide is made of ultra-thin, very durable, slippery nylon material that is sewn together in the form of a sleeve.


Technical data


TTE6100 - 60 cm length (open edge) x 41 cm width (closed edge)

TTE6102 - 72 cm length (open edge) x 71 cm width (closed edge)

TTE6104 - 122 cm length (open edge) x 71 cm width (closed edge)

TTE6106 - 122 cm length (open edge) x 100 cm width (closed edge)

TTE6108 - 200 cm length (open edge) x 71 cm width (closed edge)

TTE6122 - 200 cm length (open edge) x 90 cm width (closed edge)