Disinfectant liquid AHD 1000

product code: AHD 1000 producer: Medilab


Medical device Medical device
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Product description

AHD 1000 alcoholic liquid for disinfecting hands, skin and small surfaces of medical devices. Intended for disinfecting hands and skin before procedures and for disinfecting small surfaces resistant to alcohol. It has a broad biocidal spectrum against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses - inactivation of the Polio virus in 1 minute!

Product features:

  • shows immediate and prolonged disinfecting effect based on ethyl alcohol, which is characterized by high biocidal effectiveness and low toxicity;
  • the addition of moisturizing substances protects the skin against water loss, even from the deepest layers;
  • the present fragrance oil neutralizes the characteristic smell of alcohol - making the preparation more pleasant and volatile;
  • a carefully selected composition of ingredients provides a nurturing effect on the epidermis;
  • recommended for disinfecting sensitive and allergy-prone skin;
  • well tolerated with frequent use;
  • after use, it does not leave the feeling of sticky hands
  • degreases the skin very well


1) disinfection of staff hands

2) disinfecting the patient's skin before:manicure, pedicure, epilation, mechanical cleansing, permanent makeup, acupuncture,treatments: paraffin wax for hands and feet, botox injection piercing (piercing), introduction of substances under the skin other activities in violation of tissue continuity;

3) disinfection of small surfaces of medical devices


Technical data


Active substances: - 96% ethanol - 79.9 g

Auxiliary substances:

2-butanone → denaturant
macrogolglycerol cocosan → moisturizing substance
lactic acid → pH regulator
fragrances - purified water

Available capacity: 1L, 250 ML (spray)