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Wrist brace with volar and dorsal reinforcement MANU-HIT - SPORLASTIC

product code: 7035 producer: Sporlastic


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Medical device Medical device
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Product description

MANU-HIT - wrist stabilisation and movement limiting function with volar and dorasl reinforcement bars that can be shaped. It reduces the load on the wrist bones, the joint capsule and the ligaments of the wrist. Fixation of the wrist bones with free mobility of the thumb and fingers.


»  After severe sprains, tendon inflammation;
»  Carpal tunnel syndrome;
»  After the removal of plaster casts;
»  Navicular pseudarthrosis;
»  Drop wrist;
»  Rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist.

Features and benefits:

»  Wrist stabilisation and movement limiting function;
»  Reduces load on the twist bones, on joint capsule and ligaments of the wrist;
»  Fixation of wrist bones with free mobility of thumb and finger.


Technical data

Size Wrist circumference in cm
XS under 15
S 15 – 17
M 17 – 19
L 19 – 22
XL above 22

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