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Wrist brace with volar and dorsal reinforcement MANU-HIT CLASSIC - SPORLASTIC

product code: 07032 producer: Sporlastic


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Product description

Wrist brace with volar and dorsal reinforcement MANU-HIT - SPORLASTIC

The volar and dorsal reinforcement bars can be individually formed.


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Drop hand;
  • Following removal of plaster casts;
  • Lunatomalacia;
  • Navicular pseudo-arthrosis;
  • Post-operative hand / wrist;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the hand;
  • Tendon sheath inflammation;
  • Wrist arthrosis;
  • Wrist sprains;
  • Wrist strain symptoms.

Effectiveness / Technology:

  • Fixation of the carpus, free mobility of the thumbs and fingers;
  • Reduction of strain on the carpal bones, joint capsule and ligaments;
  • Reinforced stabilisation and restriction of movement;
  • Body conforming system;
  • Custom-mouldable volar and dorsal reinforcement bars.


Technical data

SizeWrist circumference in cm
XS 13 - 15
S 15 - 17
M 17 - 19
L 19 - 22
XL 22 - 24
Please specify right or left.
Length of the brace: 22 cm