Aerodesin 2000

product code: 9736 producer: Medilab


Medical device Medical device
CE certificate CE certificate
Made in Poland Made in Poland
Nice smell Nice smell

Product description

Aerodesin 2000 is a disinfectant liquid for quick disinfection of non-invasive medical devices as well as small and hard-to-reach surfaces resistant to alcohol.

Product features:

  • ready to use product
  • composition based on alcohols with the addition of glutaraldehyde
  • a broad biocidal spectrum: bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal
  • it works with a very short contact time of 1 minute
  • recommended for alcohol-resistant surfaces
  • for disinfecting surfaces that come in contact with food
  • convenient and quick form of application of the preparation
  • the possibility of using the product by spraying and using a cloth
  • after application, the preparation does not create a greasy coating, it spreads easily
  • dries quickly after application, leaving no traces
  • characterized by a pleasant, delicate fragrance
  • proven preparation with 20 years of history on the Polish market


Technical data

Available capacities: 1 and 5 l.