Lysofirmin 3000

product code: 9264-5l / 9256-1l producer: Medilab


Medical device Medical device
CE certificate CE certificate
Made in Poland Made in Poland
Safe Safe

Product description

Concentrate Lysofirmin 3000 is based on glutaraldehyde, for manual disinfection and cleaning of tools, endoscopes and other medical devices and surfaces.

Product features:

  • simultaneously cleans and disinfects most types of instruments, endoscopes and surfaces;
  • a wide biocidal spectrum, also in the presence of organic pollutants (blood, albumin, etc.) - bactericidal (including Tbc), fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal;
  • proven disinfectant in epidemiological emergencies;
  • shows very good washing properties, which facilitates the removal of organic impurities;
  • contains anti-corrosive substances that effectively protect against corrosion nickel-plated tools made of iron, aluminum, bronze, copper alloys, etc.;
  • high material compatibility - does not damage products made of plastics, glass, rubber, etc.;
  • easy to prepare working solutions and economical to use;
  • high stability of unused working solution - remains active for 14 days;
  • does not leave stains and sediment on disinfected surfaces and objects;
  • class II medical device b;
  • can be used in ultrasonic cleaners.


Technical data

Available capacities: 1 and 5 liters.