Hydrosept A - Hand disinfectant with glycerin

product code: Hydrosept A producer: Timago


Made in Poland Made in Poland
Safe Safe
Innovative Innovative
Nice smell Nice smell

Product description

The formula of HYDROSEPT A hand sanitizer is based on an innovative technology that uses hydrogen peroxide. It consists of: hydrogen peroxide, water, glycerol and excipients. The fluid is virucidal and bactericidal. The liquid is intended for hand disinfection. Ready-to-use liquid for general use - ideal for use in health care units, beauty salons or public institutions.

Why is it worth choosing HYDROSEPT A?

Safe for people and the environment

Free from fragrances and coloring substances

It does not irritate the respiratory tract

It reduces the negative impact on the environment - it breaks down into oxygen and water

Very efficient


Technical data

Package :

- 1 L bottle with sprayer;

- 5 l container.