Mediwipes Plus

product code: MEDILAB 40581053041 tuba producer: Medilab


Medical device Medical device
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Product description

MEDIWIPES PLUS are disposable alcohol wipes for quick disinfection of surfaces of medical devices and various types of equipment. Designed to maintain the hygiene of all alcohol-resistant surfaces in health care facilities, nursing homes, laboratories, doctor's offices, beauty salons, hairdressers, as well as wherever fast action of the preparation is important.


bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal - 1 min
Virucidal: HIV / HBV / HCV * - 1 min
Adenovirus, Rotavirus - 30 sec
Vacciniavirus, Norovirus - 30 sec
Poliovirus - 5 min
Papovavirus - 15 minutes


Technical data

Available packages:

MEDILAB 40581053041 tube - 100 wipes
MEDILAB 1053042 refill - 100 pieces of tissues