Mediwipes DM

product code: MEDILAB 4059450 tuba, MEDILAB 40 producer: Medilab


Medical device Medical device
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Product description

MEDIWIPES DM are disposable wipes designed for cleaning and disinfecting all delicate surfaces and medical equipment. Showing high material compatibility, the wipes are perfect for maintaining hygiene of surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol, e.g. medical and surgical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, ultrasound heads, hearing aids, stethoscopes, beauty parlor equipment, armchairs, upholstery. The wipes are made of high quality material.

<5% non-ionic surfactants;
disinfectants: ethanol (1%), benzalkonium chloride (0.1%), isopropyl alcohol (0.1%); fragrance compositions

Bactericidal - 5 min
Fungicidal - 5 min
Yeasticidal - 5 min
Mycobacterial tuberculosis: M. terrae - 15 min
Virucidal active against: HBV, HCV, Adeno, Noro, Polyoma, Corona, HSV, - 1 min
Rota - 15 min


Technical data

Available packages:

MEDILAB 4059450 tube - 100 wipes
MEDILAB 4071999C refill - 100 pieces of tissues