Chest orthosis/Rib splint

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Product description

The world-wide patented Chrisofix® chest orthesis is based on the idea: Substitution of a continuously „pressing hand”, which results in pain reduction and improved breathing.

The orthesis reduces the movement of the ribs, and so the pain and the reflex-effect. (superficial breathing)

As a result, the respiratory flow volume increases.

Application and adjusting:

Before sticking the splint to the chest, the hairs have to be removed and the skin cleaned (degreased).

  • Adjust the arrow-marked surface of the splint to the chest so that the direction of the arrow follows the ribs.
  • Pull off the cover sheet marked with the arrow from the splint surface.
  • Stick the splint on the fracture region. The splint has to bridge the fractured area.
  • Pull off the rest of the cover sheet from frame, and press the adhesive foil edges to the skin.

The Chrisofix® Chest orthosis is light, comfortable and transparent to X-rays. Its surface materials are friendly to the skin and non-allergenic. The splint has to be applied only after precise localisation of the fractured ribs (medical/X-ray control!). The rough application/adjustment has to be performed on the non-injured side. It should only be bent and must not be cut. The chest orthosis is for a single use of about ten days. For longer treatment a new splint might be necessary.In case of itching, the covering foil has to be removed and the sticking of the orthosis onto the chest has to be strengthened with non-allergenic, non-acrylic tapes. While taking a shower, the removed covering foil has to be replaced by a temporary water protection.


Technical data

S 17 x 12 cm
L 17 x 17 cm