Nerve and muscle stimulator TENS - model SDP-330 - YUWELL

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Product description

Nerve and muscle stimuator SDP-330 YUWELL - electrostimulator is a modern device that provides comfortable analgesic currents TENS and gives the effect of slimming and muscle development EMS. It is a one-channel device that simultaneously supports up to 4 electrodes. A built-in efficient battery charged via the USB port or optionally a power supply.
Model is tiny and light, that making it ideal for both home and traveling.
Product Features:
- Comfort Strength: 9 levels of strength help you quickly find the strength you need.
1-3 level: mild force slight current for sensitive parts;
4-7 level: moderate strength the choice of people suffering from moderate pain;
8-9 level: great strength the choice of people suffering from moderate to severe pain.
- Multiple Modes:
Knock, press, Knead;
- Smart Chip, Accurate Control
MCU chip: high reliability, low voltage, low strength consumption, strong control ability and more stable performance.
- Chargeable, Convenient
A single full charge can meet 300 times usage.
- Multi-dimensional Somatosensory Adjustment
The width, amplitude and frequency of the output pulses are controlled by intelligent algorithms to make them organically combined for multi-dimensional somatosensory adjustment.
- Load Detection for Escorting Massage, safe
Automatic Shutdown after 15 Minutes.
If the electrode piece is not properly installed or detached, the device will flash to remind the user to adjust it for better use.
According to the study of physics and bioelectricity, long-term treatment or strong stimulation of the same part may cause muscle fatigue and cause adverse effects. In order to avoid over-treatment, The device will be automatic strength-off after using for 15 minutes.
- Large area washable fit more wear resistant
The electrode physiotherapy area is large, it is easier to fit the skin, wear resistance is stronger, it can be washed, normal maintenance, repeated use 300 times.
How to use it?
1. Take out the device, wire, physiotherapy electrode piece and then connect the device, the physiotherapy electrode piece and the wire.
2.Attach the physiotherapy electrode pieces to the treated parts.
3.Press the "on / off" button to start.
4.Press the mode button to select the treatment mode.
5.Press the strength button to adjust the strength
6.After using, gently stick the electrode pieces to both sides of the storage board.

Technical data

The set contains:
1X low frequency physiotherapy (with battery);
A pair of Electrode pieces (Need to be replaced after 300 times);
1X Wire;
1X Instruction manual;
1X Charger