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Stabilizing Supports

Produkty marki Anatomic Support

Orthosis for an elbow of a tennis player

Orthosis for an elbow of a tennis player features a band fastened by Velcro and a silicone cushion, which therapeutically constricts muscle attachments. The orthosis decreases the risk of strain and/or sprain of extensors and flexors muscle attachments located in the hand and forearm. It is also used during therapies that aim at relieving the area around humeral condyles. The insets on silicone cushion micro-massage the elbow joint when it moves and provide additional relief.

Possible applications: strained proximal attachments of forearm muscles, severe and chronic pain syndromes, non-invasive treatment and prevention of injuries.
Product code: TGO-C SL 903
Elastic elbow support
Elastic bandages made of orthopaedic compression fibre in seamless technology. Application of technologically advanced, spatial fibre allows air to access patient’s skin and drive off excessive heat and moisture helping to decrease development of bacterial flora.
Product code: TGO-C OSL 904 Show more
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