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Medycyna ogólna

Medical waste container


  • has label with international warning sign and instructions for use
  • has certification of PZH, or the National Institute of Hygiene
  • available capacities: 0.7-10 l
  • yellow container with a red lid.
Product code: PLASPOL
Latex-free rubber tourniquet

Latex-free rubber tourniquet made of wide stretch strip of synthetic rubber. The latex-free material protects against allergic reactions and skin irritation; it has high tensile strength. Suitable for compressing the vein when drawing blood. 

Product code: ZARYS-S001
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Automatic tourniquet
  • simple mechanism to allow for easy fastening and unfastening and for smooth change of the tightening strength
  • band with a plastic buckle, necessary for example during intravenous injections or drawing blood
Product code: ZARYS
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