Grooved board to assist transfers (one hand grip)

product code: TMG 6405 producer: Medicare System


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Product description

Board is designed to transfer patients from bed to a wheelchair, chair, armchair or vice versa. Significantly reduces the effort required by the caregiver and increases the patient safety due to permanently has a rigid base. Made of sturdy and lightweight material, with slipery upper face and antiskid surface on the back.

The version with two longitudinal grooves can modify the shape of the table to make it more ergonomic and safe.

ADVICE: To improve the transfer process and patients mobility, it is recommended to use belts TMT6512 and TMT6513, aid belt TMT6500, and padded tubular slide sheets TMS6300 and 6310.


Technical data


Code Size
TMG6405 68 x 33 x 0,6 cm

Packaging: 1 Grooved board to assist transfers (one hand grip)

Applications: Seated transfer: Fixed boards